October 29, 2011

Just How Big Is Our Deficit?

Just how big is a dollar?

A dollar bill is 2.61" wide and 6.14" long and weighs about one gram.

A trillion is a million millions. A trillion one dollar bills would weigh over one million, one hundred thousand  tons (1,102,311 tons).

How big are one trillion one-dollar bills? If your grandma knitted a dollar bill blanket that was as wide as a million one dollar bills side by side and as long as a million dollar bills end to end it would be over 41 miles wide and 96 miles in length. It would cover 3,992 square miles.

If you used it to cover Disney World in Florida it would look like this:

Our national debt has increased from $5.8 trillion in 2001 to the current level of $14.9 trillion - $14,939,575,648,588. As the square root of one trillion is one million, the square root of our national debt is $3.8 million, $3,865,174.72 to be precise.

A one dollar bill the size of our national debt would be 159 miles wide and 374 miles long and would cover 59,637 square miles. It wouldweigh 15.5 million tons and look like this from outer space covering parts of five states:

The Nimitz class aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan, has a flight deck 1,092 feet long and 257 ft.wide which equals 280,644 square feet. A dollar bill is 16 sq. in; it would take 2.5 million one-dollar bills to cover the flight deck. The national debt is large enough to cover the flight decks of almost six million aircraft carriers (5,924,189) the size of the USS Ronald Reagan.


They Say/We Say said...

six million carriers. Now there's a visual impairment.

sig94 said...

TSWS - crunching numbers are a way to spend the time on a lazy Sunday morning before church.

With six million aircraft carriers, you could build a pontoon bridge across the Atlantic from NYC to the coast of Fwance that would be over 11 miles wide and 2,987 miles long.

Kid said...

A million seconds - 12 days
A billion seconds - 32 years
A trillion seconds - 31,687 years.

Start countin.