December 11, 2011

Gone, But Not Forgotton

Especially by law enforcement officials in three different countries. But let's face it, you'd require a frontal lobotomy in order to forget acne scars like that. He  looks like someone set his face on fire and put it out with an up-armored Caterpillar D9.

From the BBC:

Panama's jailed ex-ruler Manuel Noriega is returning to his homeland following extradition from France.

He took off from Paris' Orly airport early on Sunday morning, transferring at Madrid's Barajas airport to a flight to Panama City.

He is expected to be taken to prison once he arrives in Panama, having been convicted in absentia of crimes during his 1983-89 rule.

The 77-year-old has already spent more than 20 years in French and US prisons
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. I miss the days when we had people running the US government who wouldn't take crap from petty dictators. Now we have petty dictators like Obama and Holder running our government. Lord willing, they'll suffer a similar fate starting in 2013.

Although he was never president, General Manuel Noriega served as Panama's de facto leader between 1983 to 1989.

Noriega faces 20 year jail terms upon his arrival in Panama Once a US ally, he was arrested by invading American troops in January 1990, amid allegations he had turned the Central American nation into a drug-trafficking hub.

He spent 20 years in prison in the US after being convicted there of the charges.

In 2010, he was extradited from the US to France, where he had been convicted in absentia of laundering money from Colombian drug gangs through a French bank to buy property in Paris.

He received a seven-year jail sentence from the French court.

In Panama itself, he faces three 20-year jail terms for crimes committed during his rule, including the murders of political opponents.

Upon his arrival in Panama City, Noriega is expected to be taken by helicopter to El Renacer prison, north-west of the capital and close to the Panama Canal.

France convicted Noriega and his wife, Felicidad Sieiro de Noriega, of laundering $7 million in drug proceeds by using French banks. His wife lives in Panama but has not been charged. His daughters Sandra and Thalia are kinda hot. I wonder how much of their current life style was financed through the nostrils of American crackheads?


Doom said...

While I am glad we got him, I just wish we went after users with half that intensity. It really would change, if too it would get absolutely violent until it was finally contained. Clean up and crack down in our prisons, if it takes solitary confinement. Keep them in long enough to definitively get clean and then another year or two. Then allow them out and absolutely monitor them. Any use and back in the can until they are cold turkey clean and then some again. Rinse and repeat.

We complain about sending money to the Middle-East, and that is just 20% of our fuel last I heard. And while this admin tries to increase that percentage to the Middle-East by cutting down US and allied forms of the fuels, or denying them. We have to take care of our side of the problem, in both cases.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Well Sig this sure brings back memories.

I think we should repeat this action, Noriega treatment, on a grander scale starting with the ENTIRE Mexican government apparatus.

And yes, the gals are "kinda hot".

Silverfiddle said...

It does bring back memories... I was stationed in Panama during the Noriega years. I did a three month stint at JTF Panama at USARSO/J3 right before the invasion, so I got to see his handiwork up close.

banned said...

This was the guy you got to surrender by playing loud rock music at him?

sig94 said...

Doom - prison has become a place where the most hardened criminals can boast that they can do tenyears standing on their heads. Let them spend ten months in a Turkish prison and say that. Now that alcoholism is a disease and drug addiction is a disability we will never get rid of alcoholics and drug addicts. The kindest, most effective way to handle them was let them drink/inject/snort themselves to death.

As a kid I never even heard of marijuana until I went to college. Drugs was something that the black people did in Harlem. The crowd I hung with drank some beer, that was it.

sig94 said...

Chris - you certainly have a point. Annex parts of Mexico like we did Texas. Call it South Texas, North Mexico or New Arizona.

sig94 said...

Silverfiddle - thank you for your service. Noriega and his murderous thugs were quite a piece of work. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

sig94 said...

banned - yes, I believe it was the incredibly loud punk rock music and the fact that he finally ran out of anchovies.

Kid said...

Legalize all drugs and put these people out of business. I don't care about addicts, let them go up in a puff of smoke. They're going to do drugs Anyway, the only thing to gain is cut the crime.

sig94 said...

Kid - as long as we cut the support systems that keep the addicts alive, then fine. Let then die twitching and puking in the streets. We will have a drug addict problem as long as drug addicts are alive. Let them die off quickly.

Fredd said...

...a face only a mother could love. And even she's got no comment on the love thing.

Noriega's pock marks are so deep, I could probably store some of my luggage in the deeper ones.

...and now, back to Sig94.

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