December 1, 2011

The Good Ship Barney Frank

On the Good Ship Barney Frank
It's a short trip to the central bank
Where gay boys played,
And the economy's in disarray.

Unemployment lines everywhere,
But the unions don't have a care.
Obama is breaking par,
While he hires another useless czar.

Barney had his way with Fannie Mae
And schtupped Freddie Mac just for kicks,
And if you think that's bad, ooh-ooh
He'll do the shake and bake with your trouser snake.

On the Good Ship Barney Frank
Working stiffs must walk the plank
And kiss their IRA's goodbye
On the Good Ship Barney Frank!


Kid said...

At Great Personal Risk to Myself!, I was able to Record this Audio of bawney fwank telling obama about his retirement plans in the oval office a few weeks ago.

Teresa said...

Barney destroys our economy and then quits. Huh?

Great poem!

WoFat said...

Barney is a waste of air, food and water.

Toyin O. said...

So true, I love the poem.