January 19, 2012

But What Happened To The Bronze Thong?

Now that's a fine looking ...

BRITISH police arrested a 66-year-old man today over claims that a buttock from a bronze statue of Saddam Hussein was illegally removed from Iraq.

He was held on suspicion of breaching the 2003 Iraq Sanctions Order, which bans the exportation of "illegally removed Iraqi cultural property," including items of archaeological, historical, cultural, or religious importance.

The two-foot (0.6m) piece of metal was picked up in Baghdad by a former soldier from Britain's elite SAS regiment, Nigel "Spud" Ely, 52, after he witnessed US Marines drag the statue down following the fall of the Iraqi leader.

He brought it back to Britain and put it up for auction last year, although it failed to reach its reserve price of £250,000 ($390,000).

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