January 13, 2012

Snow Like You've Never Seen

We finally had a good old-fashioned Central NY winter storm today. Plenty of snarled traffic, accidents, bitter cold winds and, oh yeah, that white stuff.

The above is a stereographic picture of a snow crystal. To see it properly, cross your eyes, relax your vision until you see three images and then focus on the center image. You'll get better after you try it a few times. It really works.

This image was taken at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Maryland. This completely changes my ideas of snow - frozen water crystals. I still hate the crap, but now I just hate it sorta differently.

To see more of these images, go here and try not to have your eyes freeze while they're crossed. I was really amazed at how different this stuff looks when you're not tossing it out of your driveway.

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