February 9, 2012

Breaking Our Backs And The Bank

When John F. Kennedy was President, just over a quarter of federal spending went to fund programs paying for some 21.7 million Americans to be dependent on Uncle Sam. But as high as that spending and dependence on the federal government was then, it has exploded today, with one in five Americans — more than 67.3 million — depending on Washington for assistance.

The Heritage Foundation’s 2012 Index of Dependence on Government shows an alarming trend under the Obama Administration of a level of dependence on our government that has never been seen before. Today, a full 70 percent of the federal government’s budget goes to pay for housing, food, income, student aid, or other assistance, with recipients ranging from college students to retirees to welfare beneficiaries.
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banned said...

Our (UK) former socialist admininistration played the same trick; they invented the Working Family Tax Credit scam whereby they increased income tax but then 'gave back' small amounts to a large swathe of the working population thus rendering them 'dependent'. To make matters worse it is an unbelievably complicated arrangement whereby a small pay rise means families are judged to have recieved 'too much' Tax Credit in the previous year and are thus somehow at fault.

I know many middle class people who simply opt out of the whole thing for the sake of a measly thirty quid a week or so.

sig94 said...

banned - where ya been?

Yep - corrupt bureaucrats and politicians think alike no matter what side of the Big Water they're on.

How much is 30 quid?

banned said...

Sorry, 'quid' = £1.00 so something more than a dollar.

sig94 said...

Banned - thanks.

Pounds, guineas, quid, Sterling - it's all Brit to me.