February 6, 2012

Way To Go Giants!

I am not a football analyst. I enjoyed the Superbowl yesterday and the wonderful time we had with friends. I found the game to be exciting, frustrating and it kept me on the edge of my seat for a good part of the fourth quarter. The Giants won and all is right with the world ... at least for 24 hours.

But the media side show did not end with the game. There is still a pound of flesh that can be lashed out of this drama. I am talking about the unfortunate remarks made by the wife of the Pat's quarterback.

But instead of the media attention given to Gisele and her remarks after the game, if you want a class act from the Patriots, look no farther than Tiquan Underwood, the wide receiver who was cut from the Pat's roster the day before the game. But instead of carping about how unfair life is, Mr. Underwood tweeted this instead:
Tiquan Underwood@TiUnderwood
This Is Nothing But MOTIVATION....

Tiquan Underwood@TiUnderwood
I Been Thru A LOT...But There Are Ppl In This World w/ More Serious Problems So I Cant Hang The Head....Thank You Lord

Tiquan Underwood@TiUnderwood
Good Luck To The New Enland Organization, The Coaches; All My Teammates...
4 Feb 12
That's class.

Of course I never knew he existed until 48 hours ago but, still,  I will look forward to watching this young man in action next year. I believe it is harder to find a man of good charater than it is to find a good wide receiver.

Hmmmmm, interesting.


Pam said...

Thanks for sharing this! I would love to see this become the story the MSM would share rather than all the negative petty stuff!

sig94 said...

This didn't get a lot of mention but if football were played by more men like this, it would be a better game.

JBS said...

Brady was classier than his wife: "We win as a team and we lose as a team."

sig94 said...

JBS - I imagine that there was some pretty interesting conversations in the Brady mansion over this.