May 5, 2012

Texas Style River Boats

DHS head Janet Napolitano -  "The border is better now than it ever has been."

Holy Shit! Machine guns! We need more machine guns!

And in Loredo, Texas, the first installment of reality is delivered:
One of them is a big boat full of high-caliber weapons to patrol the border area of Rio Bravos and the other is loaded with technology, cameras, and radar that will also provide security for this border area.
The State of Texas has ordered six of these boats to help patrol the Rio Grande.

The Texas Department of Public Safety led these two boats to the banks of the Rio Bravo to present them to Congress and show their use to patrol the border.
Obviously Congress isn't listening. Or anyone else in Washington for that natter.

Right across the river in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, the drug cartels have gone wild with Satan's pinatas - decorating the city with hanging corpses and decapitated bodies in Hell's version of Feng Shui.

Horror as nine bodies found hanged from bridge and 14 heads decapitated and dumped along U.S. border in Mexico


Silverfiddle said...

Eric Holder's Department of inJustice will sue them to shut it down.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

OK, now start shooting!

sig94 said...

Silverfiddle - maybe the ATF will sell the boats to the Mexican drug cartels in Operation "Wet and Wild."

sig94 said...

Odie - with Mexican Army units allegedly firing on US Border Patrol agents, Texas may need to up-armor and put chain guns and/or grenade launchers on these boats.

Doom said...

Brownwater boats are good for upgrading. Mortars, armor, whatever. Very versatile little craft. More weight? Bigger engines. This is what they should have started with. If it ends with a war with Mexico? So we get more vacation spots.

I am guessing with just a bit of support from the US military, the national reserves in four or five states could win that war. If winning would be a long way from the end of things. Cartels and what would be left of the military would go gorilla. And it's a big country.

Better to keep things a bit more stable and support what law there is. Just... thinking.

sig94 said...

Doom - I'm not into a war with Mexico either, just so we can turn it into South Texas or West Florida.

Kid said...

Amazing that janet is 100 times more pathetic than biden. Seriously.

sig94 said...

Kid - I think they swap places back and forth in the Pathetic American Listings.

livescore said...
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