June 28, 2012

It's Been Quite A Day

Earlier this morning the US Supreme Court today declared that the legislative mandate that requires everyone to have health insurance is unconstitutional but that that a healthcare tax that provides the same thing is hunky dory.

This afternoon the US House of Pain Representatives voted for the first time ever to impeach a standing US Attorney General.

Between running guns south of the border so millions of Mexican citizens are terrorized and hundreds murdered, promising free health care to every Tom, Dick and Harry, and then granting amnesty to 800,000 illegals, it appears Obama is trying to pressure the whole damn country to move north to America.

 I'm exhausted, I don't know exactly how pissed off I should be.
BigFurHat has something to say that makes sense:
Reading some of the reactions from commenters around the blogosphere it is dawning on me that many people were waiting on a ruling from SCOTUS to decide on whether the apparatus of Obamacare – death panels, rationing, doctor choice, patient’s choices – were constitutional or not.

This was never the issue. These aspects of Obamacare are a DONE DEAL. It always was. That was never in question. The decision was whether they could force people into buying health insurance that would be subjected to the Obamacare apparatus or not.

SCOTUS was never going to say, “see these death panels? Unconstitutional.” It’s not what was before them.

The only thing they were asked was whether you can force someone into buying health insurance. They said, “no.”

They did, however, remind the government that it is perfectly legal to tax people. So that is exactly what they are going to do.

To all the people creating scenarios like, “what’s next, is the government going to force us to buy a smart car or be taxed for not doing so?”, I’d like to remind you that you are already being forced into buying Smart cars. you might not be behind the wheel of one, but you paid for it.

You BUY all sorts of government products that you would never willingly purchase, the purchase is hidden amongst the entirety of your yearly tax bill.

If it makes you feel any better, think of Obamacare as a $500 Pentagon hammer.

First, I'm gonna take a nap. Second, I'm gonna buy more ammo. And betyurass I'm voting this November.


Kid said...

Roberts was a big surprise here. I don't perceive the details but it sure smells dirty. I agree with Kennedy, oblabbycare is 100% unconstitutional. It is a government grab of an entire private industry.

Well Sig, 70% of America was against obamacare at the start. I can't believe that number has gotten smaller.

I like this from the aspect that it will motivate people to the ballot box who might not have gone and that this thing needs total repeal, not just a fluffing.

I hate it from the precedent that was set which is government can force people to buy anything as long as they call it a tax.

Here's my idea. Let's force Everyone to buy a gun, for their own protection and if they don't they gots to pay extra because that will otherwise require more police on the street that take up the slack.

Tee said...

I will believe in the reality of "death panels" when I know someone who personally can vouch for one of their immediate relatives being put to death (or refused care, however these so-called "death panels" are supposed to work).

I know politically motivated hyperbole when I hear it.

I agree the mandate idea is arguably unconstitutional (reasonable men can differ as the 5-4 ruling shows), but how much "less free" it actually makes us is debatable (I already pay for health care, so my life doesn't change, but being "taxed" or "fined" for less than I already pay in health care costs, simply because I refuse to pay for them, is more an annoyance than a loss of freedom.) Ironically, a government option would have avoided the mandate altogether. We could argue whether the federal government getting involved in health care was good for the market or not (I don't see how more competition is bad for the market) but it wouldn't be considered unconstitutional even by a stretch.

Anam Cara said...

From a friend's facebook post:

"Someone called Judge Roberts the Severus Snape of SCOTUS. Is he really a good guy in black that wants to appear otherwise to secretly bring down Voltimort and the Deatheaters from the inside to protect Harry by ruling how he did? Is Mitt Romeny the new Harry Potter- The boy/man who was always thought to be the chosen one? Discuss for amusement please. I need a laugh."

jay son said...

beans, rice, water and bullets. mr. roberts just let us know we are on our own. guess we can take down the "free and independent courts for a free and independent people" slogans above the doors of many of the local court houses.

also i left you some pics about the target you asked about over on my site.

sig94 said...

Kid - To paraphrase Wingnut Pelosi, We have to vote this November to see if the Republicans can fix what's in it. I suspect a whole lot of smoke and not much fire.

sig94 said...

Anam - Thank goodness that's from a friend of yours because I didn't understand any of it.

sig94 said...

jay son - can't argue with that. Rush really went off on him today. And thanks.

sig94 said...

Tee - it's already happening in England to the tune of 130,000 senior citizens a year. The bureaucrats decide on how and where you receive health care. Voila! You're dead in a week.

Open your eyes. Your economic freedom is at stake. If you can control a man's economic activity you control most of his life. You can control where he lives, how he lives, how many children he can afford to raise, what he drives, where he drives to, what he does during his leisure time, how much he saves for retirement or if he can retire at all - you get the picture? This has been happening gradually for decades, only it is accelerating under the ACA. What else can Congress force us to do?