June 26, 2012

A Special Place In Hell

There are a number of offenses for which God, in His Infinite Wisdom, has established a special place in Hell. These are the places where it is hotter, darker and more isolated. The rocks are sharper, the sand drier and Eternity is longer.

Child prostitution is one of those crimes.

From the Daily Mail:
FBI rescues 79 child sex slaves in massive three-day prostitution sweep across the US
The FBI has rescued 79 teens held against their will and forced into prostitution from hotels, truck stops and stores during a three-day swoop on sex-trafficking rings across the country

The sex slaves were aged between 13 and 17, although one said she had been involved in prostitution since she was just 11, authorities said.
During the sting operations across 57 U.S. cities - including Atlanta, Sacramento and Toledo, Ohio - 104 alleged pimps were arrested.


Kid said...

The communist 'demoralization' agenda (which doesn't just apply to virtue and 'morals') has resulted in a freakin feeding frenzy of vermin as they are more and more emboldened by politicians who are interested in nothing more than lining their pockets. At the least. And the population doesn't seem very concerned about it either.

Freakin Sandusky talking about pedophilia in freakin Interview with Bob Kostos ! Nambla going prime time. Somebody convince me any of these vermin are the least bit concerned about the 'consequences'.

Hey Sig, it's interesting that a lot of people seem to think a major conflict, like a world war is far in the distance. I think it's a lot more likely today that it ever has been.

It's comin apart man, and there are lot's of good people who have had about enough. I'm thinkin.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

May they burn.

Subvet said...

I realize too many parents of these teens are a part of the problem. They're abusive in one form or another, whether it be physical, sexual or just not giving a damn about their child.

But some of them PROBABLY don't fit that paradigm and actually love their child. For those concerned folks I'd recommend being allowed to spend time with these perverted scum, preferably after getting outfitted with blowtorches and pliers. I'll help pay for the fuel.

sig94 said...

Kid - these are surely uncertain times. Reminds me in some ways of what was going on just prior to WWII. And it was democrats that got us laced up with WWI and WWII.

sig94 said...

Odie - unless they right their course, they will.

sig94 said...

When I was on the job, the railroad and bus stations were the place where pimps would size up and befriend young runaway girls. I worked vice for a short while and locked up a few of these gals. Got to talkwith some and ran a few search warrants on pimps - they used gang rape and intimidation to desensitize the girls to multiple sexual contacts. In a surprisingly short time the girls were working for them.