June 15, 2012

No Jobs For You

Obama throwing American workers under the chopper...

Obama has signed a no-bid deal to buy 21 light attack helicopters from ....

The Russians.
[...]Now, here's the twist you might not have expected: At the same time as the Obama administration is denouncing Russia for sending MI-17 attack helicopters to Syria, the Obama administration is buying MI-17 attack helicopters from the same Russian arms exporter, Rosboronexport.

Yes, that's right. The Obama administration is paying recalcitrant Russia $375 million for a posse of 21 MI-17's. In turn, the Obama administration will give these Russian MI-17's to Afghan government forces to fight the newest generation of rebels in the harsh terrain of that forsaken land.
You heard right. The same Russians who devastated Afghan villages in ten years of bloody murder, who decimated the country, placed explosive charges in dolls and dropped them for little Afghan girls to play with ... are getting $375 million in taxpayer dollars from America's Dear Beloved Leader to build helicopters so we can give them to the Afghans that the Russians didn't kill.
And what about American manufacturers of helicopters?  All fifteen of them and their thousands of employees?

 Don't American workers get a bite of the apple?

Do our choppers stink?

How much more "flexibility" does Dear Beloved Leader have to show the Rooosians? Does bending over and grabbing your ankles indicate flexibility? If so, we are rapidly becoming as flexible as the French.


They Say/We Say said...

Russia is selling to Syria - has to keep the competition in the game. So do you think ours will be in need of some diagnostic tune up before the games begin or will they just not run when the games start?

sig94 said...

TSWS - I remember that Operation Eagle Claw, the attempt to rescue US embassy hostages in Iran, failed due to equipment problems with choppers (and environmental factors). Will the same things happen? Dunno. President Obooboo is an amateur - and these games are best pursued by professionals.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I see your helicopters and raise you three Panzer Tanks.

Kid said...

I'm surprised he hasn't signed the country over to China.

Biden warned us at the start they'd be doing some things that would make us all say WTF, but every day?

These things can be corrected of course, but oblabbercare will be truly evil for many decades if allowed to continue.

Tea Party - breed out the republican party with them and get rid of all these mofo's.

jay son said...

i'm no fan of obama, but it is probably cheaper to give them russian helos, with the added benefit of not letting all our technology in the Apache, walk out the door.

at a time when the economy is in the shitter, it would be nice to see him spend a like amount of dollars here at home for our military.

Derfel Cadarn said...

The same Russians that devastated Afghan villages as opposed to what we are doing there I suppose. The dead children and other villagers really do not care what our reasons are ,they are still just as dead as uf the Soviets did it . Motive and good intent does NOT justify killing innocents by ANYONE. Even if they believe themselves to be exceptional,of which we are mistaken.