June 11, 2012

Nobody Died At Watergate

Rose Mary Woods, President Richard M. Nixon's secretary, in 1973, leans over and
 breaks wind during her interview with WaPo investigative reporter Carl Bernstein.

The usual suspects are trying to put distance between the fortieth anniversary of the break in at Watergate with the recent national security leaks out of the White House.
Let's be really careful before we start a witch hunt here," said Bernstein, who was one of the reporters at the Washington Post who spent months investigating Richard Nixon and his administration for the 1972 break-in of the Democratic Party's campaign headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.

"You've got to be very careful about creating a witch hunt for sources, and a witch hunt in which you go after reporters, because now more than ever we need real reporting on this presidency, on national security, on all of these areas," Bernstein said.
I can see why Bernstein likes to revisit this old news as it is where he earned his big boy pants. But I don't see Bernstein digging around election fraud by the democrats, the whitewashing by the US AG of voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers, the killing of two Federal agents with firearms provided by the ATF and the failure to produce subpoenaed documents by - again - the US AG and let's not even mention the spilling of national security secrets by Obama's minions. Just another assclown seeking self aggrandizement.


Teresa said...

Bernstein is just another partisan hack. You know if all you mentioned occurred under a Republican administration he would be on the story/stories damn skippy.

Kid said...

watergate was nothing. Compared to the evil incompetence, thieving, lying and general evil of this administration, watergate wasn't even a grain of sand in the entire universe.