September 1, 2012

Let's Hammer This Home In November

Go to the 00:15 mark in this clip. It is there she states that Kenya is her husband's "HOME COUNTRY."

Everyone who had even a tangential part in this mockery of the Constitution has to spend the rest of their lives in prison. Let Mooshell, Pelosi and Reid reside in adjacent cells and fight over the single order of cheesy fries they are served for every meal.

As for Obama, a courts-martial and summary execution is the only answer for a faux Commander-in-Chief who has defrauded and endangered the American public. Perhaps even resurrect the old  British custom of "gibbeting".

After an execution, relatives of the condemned usually claimed the body for burial, although some corpses were taken back for dissection to the ‘Surgeons’ Theatre’, situated next to Newgate Prison. A few notorious highwaymen were also taken to roadside gibbets, erected at the scenes of their crimes. They were hung in iron frames and chains from the gibbet arms as deterrents to other would-be outlaws. Highwaymen and their relatives feared gibbeting because the bodies could not be buried in hallowed ground. As a preliminary, the corpse was coated in a preservative, such as tar, before being suspended from the gibbet for any passer-by to view.

The gibbet was frequently located on a deserted common or a high prominent place where it would be conspicuous. Although executed criminals had been exhibited in this manner for many years, it was only officially legalised in 1752 to deter the robbery of the Royal Mail. At the end of the eighteenth century, the shooting of a Bow Street Runner by a highwayman also brought the penalty of hanging in chains. The body remained suspended for a very long time in its creaking rusty frame until it eventually rotted, presenting a most repulsive sight.
Right on the National Mall in DC.


LL said...

I think that we should send him back to Kenya. He can build his presidential library there.

sig94 said...

LL - Kenya has helped Obama carry on his charade; I say it's almost an act of war, a causi bellum.

Anonymous said...

I'm Italian/Puerto-Rican and have referred to those countries as home countries since that is where my ancestors come from. None of you have ever referred to your ancestor's origins as your home country? Please.