October 16, 2012

In The Belly

The notion that America needs a good spanking from God keeps me sleepless at times. God is not mocked. His laws are immutable and inescapable. Just as the physical laws of our universe are not violated without risk, the moral boundaries that God has established have their own penalties if transgressed.

We are seeing those laws and penalties in action. America has stopped being a moral agent in this world and has become simply another immoral actor. Instead of a million bloggers recapturing the role of Paul Revere, perhaps we need a million Jonahs.

The Redcoats/Communists/Socialists/Atheists are not the problem. We as a nation are the problem.

Our Strength was never really in guns and ships. Pray for revival before we end up in the whale's belly.

The Book of Jonah

Jonah's Prayer in the Belly of the Whale

“In my distress I called to the Lord,and he answered me.
From deep in the realm of the dead I called for help,and you listened to my cry.

You hurled me into the depths,into the very heart of the seas, and the currents swirled about me; all your waves and breakers swept over me.

I said, ‘I have been banished from your sight; yet I will look again toward your holy temple.’

The engulfing waters threatened me, the deep surrounded me; seaweed was wrapped around my head.

To the roots of the mountains I sank down; the earth beneath barred me in forever.
But you, Lord my God, brought my life up from the pit.

“When my life was ebbing away, I remembered you, Lord, and my prayer rose to you,
to your holy temple.

“Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them.

But I, with shouts of grateful praise, will sacrifice to you.

What I have vowed I will make good.

I will say, ‘Salvation comes from the Lord.’”


Anam Cara said...

AMEN! Preach it, Brother!

Gorges Smythe said...

Well said.

JMD said...

The bad news is "we" is "thee"...we have have been asleep.

Fradgan said...

Amen. Give praise to the Lord.