October 18, 2012

Just A Quiet Concession Dinner For Two

Obama's Election Night Suite at McCormick Place

Apparently after the elections, Obama, Michelle and Reggie's kids are planning a permanent vacation at their TARP sponsored, banker-supported Hawaiian get-a-away. The reasoning for this is partly due to the venue selected by the DNC where the Obama's will spend Election night. From Hill Buzz:
[...]if Democrats really thought Barack Obama was going to be reelected, then they would have planned a massive rally in Grant Park again; the fact this is not happening is proof that, despite what you hear coming out of the Ministry of Truth that is the national media, the Democrats really do not expect Obama to win this election. Campaign operatives in Chicago are, thus, making appropriate preparations for his imminent defeat.

Instead of Grant Park, Obama’s apparently going to have his election night event at McCormick Place…the convention center here in Chicago.

[...]Despite being within sight of the Museum Campus and Soldier Field, McCormick Place is a fortress-like island surrounded on most sides by freeways or railroad tracks (with the lake on the other side). This is where the G-8 summit was held, so the dignitaries could be isolated and kept as far away from the public as possible in downtown Chicago. Because the only realistic way of reaching McCormick Place is by taxi (or car, if people drive themselves) this is clearly not a place Obama would be holding an election night event if he really thought he was going to win the election. How on Earth would his throngs of supporters be able to reach him if he won and the event was held here of all places?

McCormick Place is not a spot to hold a victory rally, folks…but it is the ideal spot to give a concession speech.

JK, JK - just kidding, this is McCormick Place.

No, this is the retirement community reserved for Obama and Mooshell.

THIS is McCormick Place.


Kid said...

This 'giving up' by the obammies reminds me of a tactic used by gansters. As deployed by Hymie of Miami in the movie The Godfather, when slimeballs think they're about to have several contracts taken out on them, they fake having a serious heart disease.
This makes the contract writers pause thinking, why take the chance of getting caught when the prick is going to die on his own sooner than later.

I'll bet ya this is what this pre-election concession crap is all about.

sig94 said...

Kid - could be. We only have to wait a few more weeks to find out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know who's going to hell. I'm sure God likes it when you do that.