December 16, 2012

Tiny Asian Zippers

What does it take to buy a jacket that has a nice big honking zipper in it? Every coat I got has these little stinking zippers that you need a microscope to close! My hands are not huge! The last time I had a nice manly zipper on a garment had to be fifteen, twenty years ago. Every thing since then has these itty-bitty tweezer devices hanging off the front of them. A full grown American can barely see the dang things. Made in China by ten year old slaves for ten year old fingers.

It's the end of the world.
I google "tiny zippers" and I get this clown.


Doom said...

While this store is mostly for boys (younger men), I have found things here with... well... manly zippers and styles from time to time. I've had pretty good luck at Eddy Bauer (if I don't like their model selections, political notions, so have been moving over to Land's End and a few others over time, when possible, it is finding tall sizes that fit right, for me, that can be the trick).

Things change at The Territory Ahead often enough, in styles and such. I'm thinking this is a place for middle-class women to decorate their sons, but it is quality... at a price. Right now their jackets all have that young scrunge look I hate, but... just keep checking.

Now, as I said, they are or can be pricey. But the classic, updated, improved, field jacket I took a gamble on, paying twice what they usually sell at, has been a worthy buy. It is a princely price, but in compliments, singularity, quality, comfort, and fitting me, it was worth every nickle. That coming from a rather tight-fisted exacting man... mostly. Urhm, more poor than tight-fisted. :p Other clothing I have dared to spend to get there have been well worth the coin as well, but it is the jacket that continues to amaze. Not a seem undone, not a hole in a pocket, in... five, ten, years? Something. Flawless, in my book.

Fradgan said...

Siggie, you small-handed Americans have long been a burden for the more normal-handed of us to bear. We pity you for your tiny little thimble teacups and your Virginia Slim cigarettes.

I remember the afternoon we went shopping for pistols and, without thinking, you asked me if the Smith & Wesson you were holding made your hands look small. That evening, I wept for you.

It is time, my friend, to remove that cloak of victimhood. Shake your tiny fists to the heavens and declare "I am a whole man. I am as good as anyone."

Make us proud.

sig94 said...

Doom - even my 10X hunting jacket has CZS - Chinese Zipper Syndrome

Fragdan - LOL!