February 28, 2013

How Do We Restore Americans?

Here's another dingbat announcement from dingbat central, San "Banana Thong" Francisco.
LONG BEACH (CBS SF) – Speaking from the prestigious TED Conference in Long Beach Wednesday, Sausalito activist Stewart Brand said scientists are developing the ability to reassemble an extinct animal’s genome, and even recreate the animal itself.

[...]A team of Harvard geneticists are currently working to bring back the passenger pigeon, which has been extinct since 1914, according to the TED website. The passenger pigeon is considered a keystone species because it aided the survival of the buffalo, according to TED. Researchers believe it may now be possible to alter the genetic makeup of a close relative, the band-tailed pigeon, to re-engineer the passenger pigeon.

[...]“Humans have made a huge hole in nature in the last 10,000 years,” Brand said. “We have the ability now, and maybe the moral obligation, to repair some of the damage.”

Well now, Obama and the traitorous Democratic party have made an even huger hole in our economy in just 4 years. So how about re-engineering the current crop of American parasitical douche bags and restoring to them the independent, pioneering spirit that made this country great?

Screw the damn pigeons.


Doom said...

I have decided it isn't worth personal risk until it happens. It looks like the only way to reconstitute that drive, for me, is to get out of the way for my own safety and allow the government to eat enough of them, in whatever way it chooses, and see if their is any spit in them. If the typically cowardly American is actually willing to risk more than hot air on his freedom, and in large enough numbers, then the nation itself might be revived. But it looks like it is going to take some serious pain for the prisoner to decide he even wants to fight back, heck... even decide to live.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Sig94, I'm not really into pigeons. Give me a good looking goat any day. The part that was not mentioned was ... guess who's paying for that crap?

Kid said...

Restore Americans? Let's start by killing all the libs.

Doom said...


Zero need for that. Just change how power is managed by taking the electoral process back to how the Constitution arranged it. Teh stupid(tm) simply vanishes when it isn't allowed a direct voice.

Women have always been what they are, same with gays and minorities. Until they became able to take out without putting in, they simply didn't matter and were tended as well as men can tend such things. That was as good as it got. Now they ARE the power, and it is completely about taking out without putting in.

Fix that and you have fixed it all. The lack of options will cause a return of the family, which will drive the Church, which will tend the weak and poor, but only in humility, not by demand, decree, or in the other awful ways of today. Imagine the poor demanding steak from nuns back in the day! Giving out cell phones, what a stupid nation I live in.

Kid said...

That's the correct answer Doom, but who is going to do that? Repubs? I won't voe for another one, and I HATE democrats so won't vote dem either.

Doom said...


That's why I am leaving, and wish more could. When the genocide, if things don't change, burns itself out or a significant enough group decides to face off, I'll rethink things. I'm not going to just die for a farce.

How that gets done? It's a bit tricky, with the number of snoops they have everywhere, in everything from email to blogs (thanks Google, you statists you) to your neighbors (see something, say something), to wiretaps and such without court approval, to even the allowance, now, it seems, to kill Americans even accused of terrorism inside the borders, without real oversight.

My excuse is I have, pretty much, been in a health coma for the last 25 years. Not much I could do. At this point, I have few contacts, little power, and just a hope I can get healthy enough to disappear. Wish I could help more but I don't see any of the forces who have some push... pushing.

Kid said...

Doom, the majority seem to support it and the rest of us are left without a way to even communicate a plan of action, as you say. If something were to happen, it would have to be led by military command.

Not going to happen. Have a good time and protect your assets best you can. Good luck.