March 22, 2013

A Gift

This is a wonderful story showing how the kindness of a stranger can impact lives. From the UK Daily Mail:
The hunt has begun for a total stranger who reduced a serviceman's wife to tears with a heartwarming act of kindness that sparked almost two million fans online after a picture of the deed was placed on the Internet.

On Sunday, Samantha Ford, whose boyfriend is serving in Afghanistan walked out of a Dunkin Donuts to discover a white envelope under her windshield wiper.

Initially she cursed her luck, thinking she had got a ticket, but after putting her two kids in the back of the car she sat down at the wheel and opened the letter - to find two $20 bills and an emotional note.

'I noticed the sticker on the back of your car,' the note began. 'Take your hero out to dinner when he comes home. Thank you both for serving. Him deployed and you for waiting. –United States veteran. God bless.'

Upon reading this Ford began to cry, knowing that someone must have read her bumper sticker that says, '1/2 of my heart is in Afghanistan' and decided to pay some love forward.


WoFat said...


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

If only all could understand this.

Gorges Smythe said...

God will bless that man (or woman).

el chupacabra said...
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el chupacabra said...

The joke downrange always was, "And the other half is getting her brains drilled out by Jody back in the world."