March 18, 2013

One More Reason Why America Is So Great

Our educational system has been ruined by teachers' unions and socialist bureaucrats and yet the premise for America, freedom to follow your dreams, still produces miracles. From the NY Post:
A brainy NYU student has cooked up a magic gel that he says can stop even heavy bleeding — an invention that could make routine bandages obsolete.

Joe Landolina, 20, an Ulster County native and NYU junior, says his Veti-Gel almost instantly closes and begins healing even major wounds to internal organs and key arteries.

“There’s really no way to quickly stop bleeding except to hold lots of gauze on a wound,” Landolina told The Post. “I thought if you could pour this gel into a wound, it would solidify and stop the bleeding.”

[...]The lifesaving goo is an artificial version of something called the extracellular matrix, which makes up the connective tissue that helps hold animal bodies together.

“We use plant-derived versions of the polymers that make up your skin,” the whiz kid said. “If they go into a wound, they build on existing polymers. It’s like it tells your body to stop bleeding.
I hope he makes a million bucks, maybe even more


Doom said...

If what is proposed is true? He'll... make a buck. And have a long career as well.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The government will steal his idea while it's waiting for bureaucratic approval.

sig94 said...

Doom - I hope so. This kid could put medical science ahead by a few decasdes all by his lonesome.

sig94 said...

Odie - I figure Johnson & Johnson will off him and try to pay the grieving parents a pittance for the patent.

Kid said...

Very inspiring. I ran across another genius kid on the internet. I'll post it maybe the weekend.