April 10, 2013

Most Police Do Not Support Gun Control Laws

A survey of 15,000 police officers reports the overwhelming majority of cops do not believe more restrictive gun laws will protect the public.
An authoritative new poll of more than 15,000 cops released on the eve of this week's Senate anti-gun debate shows that a sweeping majority of officers don't believe gun control will work or keep them safer, and nearly nine in 10 believe having more armed citizens would curb gun violence.

According to the lengthy survey of law enforcement professionals, one of the largest ever of street cops, 85 percent believe that President Obama's gun control plan to ban assault weapons, limit the size of ammo magazines and expand background checks won't improve their safety, with just over 10 percent believing it will have a "positive effect."
Where I work it's closer to 100%.

And now for the coup de grace...
The poll from, a site dedicated to police policy and news, also found surprising support for arming citizens. The poll found that 86 percent of officers believe that casualties would be decreased if armed citizens were present at the onset of a shooting. Another 81 percent backed arming teachers, as the National Rifle Association has called for.

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Gorges Smythe said...

Not that those in power will care.