April 13, 2013

"Sandy Hook" The Gosnell Trial

The media has thus far all but ignored the horrific narrative that is unfolding in a New Jersey courtroom - a murder trial involving the barbaric dismemberment of viable children who survived late term abortions is unfolding to scant attention. The testimony is more reminiscent of a Nazi torture camp then of an American "health clinic."

 The owner/operator of this abortion mill is a physician named Kermit Gosnell:
Kermit Barron Gosnell is an American doctor in Philadelphia who ran two abortion practices. After a controversy nearly a year earlier, Gosnell was arrested in January 2011, charged with eight counts of murder: one patient who died under his care after a botched abortion, and seven infants born alive. A grand jury recommended charges of murder against Gosnell and several of his employees. CNN stated in March 2011 that prosecutors were considering seeking the death penalty.  The trial began on March 18, 2013.
Gosnell's trial is being reported here, here and here.

A Daily Beast writer asked Sarah Kliff, a WashPo reporter, why she has neglected this story:
In fact, a site search for that reporter — who is named Sarah Kliff — and stories Akin and Fluke and Komen — yields more than 80 hits. Guess how many stories she’s done on this abortionist’s mass murder trial.
Did you guess zero? You’d be right.

So I asked her about it. Here’s her response:

Hi Molly – I cover policy for the Washington Post, not local crime, hence why I wrote about all the policy issues you mention

Yes. She really, really, really said that. As Robert VerBruggen dryly responded:

Makes sense. Similarly, national gun-policy people do not cover local crime in places like Aurora or Newtown.
I say let's take advantage of this evil man's actions and "Sandy Hook" it.
Demand an end to abortion. Now.

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It is clear the "4th Branch of Government" is Democrat Liberal.