May 24, 2013

The WereWeiner

Body wax?!?! Noooooooooooo!

I wonder if the latest entry in to the New York City Mayoral contest is a wereweiner, flashing his junk during the full moon then returning to a semblance of normalcy. Sorta like Lon Chaney Jr.with a full-body wax wearing only a banana thong.
Sorry Lon, I know that hurts.
Anthony Weiner’s New York mayoral candidacy was only made more improbable today after he revealed that he visited a Houston psychiatric facility following his resignation from Congress in 2011.

Haunted by scandal surrounding his sexually explicit online communications with women, the Democratic former congressman sought treatment for his compulsive behavior from mental health professionals at the Gabbard Center.

According to its website, the facility provides “3-day outpatient psychiatric evaluation,” particularly to “professionals who are in personal or professional crises.”
So, three days of outpatient psychiatric evaluation and this social media wand waver is transformed into the new Wonder Weiner. Outstanding.
While Weiner did not disclose his diagnosis, he told the New York Daily News that the Center was critical in his “journey” to becoming a “new man.”
I'll help with the diagnosis: a case of advanced narcissism coupled with smartphone incontinence.
“It wasn’t an addiction thing,” he told the Daily News. “I mean, it was just a place to get away and to meet people…who might be able to help.”

In his resignation statement, Weiner said that his main priority upon stepping down was to “heal from the damage that I have caused.” Weiner told the Daily News that he “didn’t go to rehab anywhere” – simply that he worked with a referred therapist at the Center over a few days.
Thank you Wonder Weiner! YOU have to heal from the damage YOU caused to OTHER people.

Yep, NYC needs more people like you.

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LL said...

Later this week Virtual Mirage (the blog) will confidently endorse Weiner as the best man to take the reigns from the other wiener and assume control of New York City.

Weiner's shlong will be the new worm in the Big Apple.

I'm sure that he could do s better job than Bloomberg did. As a laughing stock, he'd fuel night after night of stand up comedy at the cities clubs. Cock-Tail parties wouldn't be complete without his presence.

I think that New York City, the bastion of stuffy liberalism, DESERVES Weiner.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I am almost willing to bet that the residents of NYC, being the collection of weirdos that they are, will elect Weenie Weiner. If they do, then all I can say is: They deserve each other.

Doom said...

Is there any wonder why muslims aren't seen as an issue by these people?

sig94 said...

LL - I am sure the Wee Wee's for Weiner are anxiously awaiting your endorsement. I too am confident that many bulges, I mean blogs, will proudly rise for this occasion, stretching the very fabric of the, uhhhh,interweb tubes for His Weinerness...

sig94 said...

Most Rev. - New Yorkers have withstood a virtual flood of corrupt, venal and incompetent leaders through their glorious past. I am sure that His Weinerness will not disappoint in that respect.

sig94 said...

Doom - It's a wonder he can see past his zipper.