June 30, 2013

He's Bad

Once again the FBI, Feckless Bureau of Investigation, has proved that it cannot be trusted to safeguard the safety of American citizens. Its sin this time is sitting on thousands of pages of evidence that shows how perverted freak Michael Jackson gave tens of millions of dollars in hush money to the parents and victims of his unholy affections. Jackson's trial for child molestation took place in 2005 and the FBI had evidence showing him to be a serial molester since 2002.

As reportedin the Mirror:
Secret FBI files exclusively seen by the Sunday People reveal Michael Jackson spent £23million buying the silence of at least two dozen young boys he abused over 15 years.

The documents – case numbers CADCE MJ-02463 and CR 01046 – were not passed on to prosecutors in the King of Pop’s 2005 trial, when he was cleared of molesting a child.

But they throw a disturbing new light on the megastar’s insistence he never laid a finger on any of the scores of kids he invited to his home for unsupervised sleep-overs.

Agents have thousands of pages of evidence dating back to 1989 indicating Jacko groomed and molested children – sometimes right under the noses of their starstruck parents.

The FBI files include private investigators’ reports, phone transcripts and hours of audio tapes.

[...] Ironically, many of the damning reports in the FBI collection had been commissioned by Jacko himself.

Terrified the parents of boys who spent nights with him at his Neverland ranch might go to the cops or expose him in the media, the desperate singer hired “private eye to the stars” Anthony Pellicano to target potential skeletons in his closet – and make sure they stayed out of the limelight.

But when Pellicano was investigated himself in 2002 for bugging Hollywood stars such as Sylvester Stallone, the FBI seized all his files – including many about Jackson. It is copies of these to which the Sunday People has had exclusive access.
I wonder how many other people are now subject to government extortion due to Pellicano's impounded documents and much special "alone time" Obama is enjoying while perusing these documents while sitting on the White House crapper.


WoFat said...

Some of his music is great. A lot of kids are now better off that he's dead.

Gorges Smythe said...

Almost nothing shocks me anymore.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a WalMart bag? One is white, made of plastic, and dangerous for your kids to play with and the other carries your groceries home

LL said...

I know Tony Pellicano personally. I also feel (and felt at the time) that he'd been the subject of selective enforcement. Though I didn't speak to him after his arrest and incarceration (weren't friends) and the feds spirited him away, I always felt bad about what happened to him.

sig94 said...

WoFat - The Jacksons. Talk about a screwed up family. They'll be fighting over his financial bones for a hundred years.

sig94 said...

Steve - I'll use the little baskets from now on.

sig94 said...

LL - that does not surprise me. Again, I wonder if the feds just wanted to get their hands on his files.

Revisiting the 900+ FBI files that ended up in the Clinton's hands, how much of what is happening now is due to political extortion.

Doom said...

I have to wonder if these people aren't supported by the FBI, not through bribery but, because they support what the FBI, and other government agencies want... a civil and social befoulment that will create a scenario by which they may take more control. It's... for our own good, you know.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Oops ... Oh good, more government.

LL said...

He was the P.I. to the stars. And to Heidi Fleiss, who ran a lot of hookers to a lot of important people, many of whom were Democratic Party high rollers.

At the time, Bill Clinton was 'dating' Eleanor Mondale. Eleanor lived in K. D. Lang's house - maybe paying rent. I'm not sure whether or not Tony P. had photos of Bill 'in the saddle' or not. The pool in the back yard had a lot of foliage around it and a hill that sloped up to another property.

However it went down, I thought that it was a put up job.

There is a new series on Showtime called "Ray Donovan". I saw the first installment last night and it reminded me of Pellicano. Pellicano wasn't a tough guy though the news painted him that way.

LL said...

Bill Clinton tapped so much tail openly (really a world class cocksman) that I'd be surprised if Bubba had him fingered. I mentioned Mondale because she was pretty at the time, wanted to be a starlet, had a Democratic Party pedigree (wouldn't talk), etc. Bill kept clothes in her closet. After Monica, he started dating a more discreet class of woman.

sig94 said...

LL - Monica always amazed me. How in the world did Clinton decide to pop that wench? What thought process was involved in that decision? I believe it was heavily influenced by nose candy at the time.

sig94 said...

Doom - like any well intrenched, powerful bureaucracy, the FBI has its "sponsors" who will go to bat for it at the drop of a hat.

LL said...

Sig, it never took that much to turn Bubba's head. But one thing that you can say for him, he's not gay in the Obama model.

Since his retirement, Secret Service agents nationwide look forward to having him come to town since he takes special care to try and get them laid. I've seen that action first hand and have to applaud Bill for that. He may be many things, but in his elder statesman years, he wants the SS to think well of him.