November 18, 2013

Lies, Lies and More Lies

This is not about Obamacare, it is about the legacy of lies by American politicians. They lie to us, they lie to their friends, they lie to everyone.

There was no official U.S. autopsy to determine the cause of death for Ambassador Stevens; his body was quickly and quietly cremated in the United States. Apparently all official mention of Stevens cremation has been pretty much scrubbed from the net. Stevens was a poofer, no doubt. Sending a man like that as ambassador to a Muslim country has to be considered manslaughter. Stevens was lied to and it cost him his life. The lies about Benghazi continue after his death. How many will die after Obamacare takes root? There will be lies to cover that also.

This is Stevens grave marker in Forester's Cemetery, Grass Valley, CA.
This type of marker is commonly used for burying the remains of cremations. Not much to it, is there?

Now this was the grave marker of Ambassador M. L. Lawrence, a high roller Democratic contributor who was appointed to the Swedish embassy by Clinton; he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery in 1996.  Impressive, no? If you read the Arlington stone, the second line mentions his service in the Merchant Marines. Not!

After it was discovered that Lawrence lied about his WWII service (he was a college student until June 1945), his dead lying ass was yanked out of the Final Resting Place for America's Heroes and re-interred in the Forgotten Dickwads Cemetery and Dog Park, San Diego, CA.

More lies, it never ends! Even after they're dead they still lie!

This is his grave marker now. No mention of the Merchant Marines to be found. The only memento of his service to his country is a piece of dog shit lying about two feet away from the marker.

The lies don't end, they simply become more convoluted until the liberal rags we call newspapers bury the story for good.


Doom said...

A poofer? I can't believe we sent a pot-smoker there. Oh, that isn't it? Let me take a stab at it. Wait, let me take that back.

Poofer... until you put it here, and knowing what I know... I've heard the term but didn't realize, until now, what it meant. Sadly naive, at least etymologically, or linguistically at times. Well, sad? Before long, every word will involve them, somehow. Creepy.

Anyway... I am not sure about his status being a problem. From what I can tell, as long as just among elites in those nations, and quietly, he would be quite a favored ambassador. Only if it slipped out to the once boy brides who have some rage and confusion between the koran and social/cultural muzzy ideals would there be an issue. Well, and for those wanting cover to murder anyone, especially an US ambassador, it works for that too. Not that they always care, or look for a reason.

Actually, I would suggest that the excuse was given to the terrorists for this by our media as cover. Oh, I know. Big surprise that our media would lie to us to support those who would murder us and ours. Who knows, maybe the media and our government might even, I dunno, try to blame a movie maker for the whole thing. Silly, but you never know. :p

Just read the real story of Lawerence of Arabia, as to how poofers get along there. Bleh.

Kid said...

Reality, I'm glad the dirtbag was moved.

Fredd said...

Sig, they lie because they LOVE us. They lie for our own good.

Well, at least I feel the liberal love, anyway. And the noble liberal intentions that are smoothed out to make them more palatable for jmokes like us make for great one-liners on headstones, everybody knows that.

Fredd said...

Great liberal one-liners on head stones that never were:

'Health care should be a right, not a privilege.' Teddy Kennedy, unindicted murderer of MJ Kopechni.

'We should be judged not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.' Robert Byrd, Kleagle, KKK.

'There's not a dime's difference between Republicans and Democrats.' Arlen Spectre, general all around scum bag.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Democrats lie?

Doom said...

Oh, hey, just thought to let you know you and yours are still in my prayers. Not sure when surgery was scheduled, just know it's around now, give or take. I hope all is going well, or as good as can be expected.