November 4, 2013

Will We Ever Learn Exactly What Happened?

Yeah, I know, it's the Enquirer. But if memory serves me well, they're the ones who broke the story about Breck Boy Edwards' love child and ruined his shot at a spot on the Presidential ticket.
Blockbuster secrets about President John F. Kennedy’s autopsy are finally being revealed by doctors who treated America’s dying Commander-in-Chief 50 years ago in Dallas.

A sensational special report reveals the physicians’ riveting minute-by-minute accounts of the mortally wounded leader’s final moments – and their charge that the government’s verdict on Kennedy’s death is WRONG!

The shattering disclosures by medics at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital include a bombshell claim Kennedy had a bullet entry wound in the front of his neck – disputing the Warren commission’s verdict that he was shot from behind.
Over to the FoTM, Dr. Eowyn has this to say:
I normally avoid all JFK assassination conspiracy theories like the plague. But a new book caught my attention.

Written by a medical doctor, Allen Childs, the book’s title is self-explanatory: We Were There: Revelations from the Dallas Doctors Who Attended to JFK on November 22, 1963.

Dr. Childs has been a psychiatrist for 47 years, and was the US Army’s Chief of Mental Hygiene for the Island of Oahu during the Vietnam War. Childs was a medical student at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas, the day the mortally wounded President Kennedy was brought to the emergency room. His book, We Were There, brings together the memories of the medical students, interns, residents and, most importantly, the attending physicians who were at Parkland Hospital on that fateful day 50 years ago.

The official conclusion of the Warren Commission report was that Kennedy had been shot from behind by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, who fired as the motorcade passed the Texas school Book Depository building overlooking Dallas’ Dealey Plaza.

But, as disclosed in We Were There, four Parkland Hospital doctors, experts in gunshot wounds who saw JFK before he was given a tracheostomy, saw a bullet wound in the front of Kennedy’s neck “where his collar should have been” – a wound that was caused by a bullet entering, not leaving, his body.
There are all kinds of theories still flying around fifty years after Jack got his brains blowed out all over that pretty lady's dress. How about this one?

Did a hungover Secret Service agent accidentally shoot JFK?

More theories here.


Subvet said...

Some things never added up, for instance the owner of a strip joint being so incensed over the death of a President that he grabbed a gun and killed the man responsible. Maybe things were different then, maybe I've hung out in the wrong places but in my limited experience most folk associated with such establishments aren't too high on the list of people with such strong beliefs.

sig94 said...

Subvet - nothing wrong with your instincts. Americans were just too trusting and the media never picked up the challenge. The whole thing stinks.

Derek Ford said...

I've stood atop and looked into the storm drain that leads to the Trinity River. All I can say is that it would be a perfect spot for a trained sniper. For those who've never been to Dealey Plaza? It seemed so much smaller than it looks on the film footage. I don't think we will ever know what happened, Sig.

sig94 said...

Derek - I agree, probably not. If they can hide something like this from the public, think of what they have managed to conceal over the years that we have no inkling about. Must be staggering.

Gorges Smythe said...

One theory I've heard was that the Kennedy's got too involved with the mob and crossed some line they shouldn't have. (Perhaps with some mobster's wife?) The other was that he wasn't sucking up to the Tri-lateral Commission and they found that dangerous.

Doom said...

Seriously? If I saw a huge lie regarding the death of the president *cough*, I wouldn't have waited 50 years to then write a book. If that is the integrity of the medical field... well, okay, it probably is. Never mind.

As to Kennedy? I have heard that he was trying to take down the Fed. He had printed outside of their domain. The first act LBJ is said to have issued recalled those notes and ended the practice. So he might have actually died trying to do a good.

But with so much blood on his hands, and so many bad things, and his father mucking things up further, I simply can't care. And, to think he was more conservative than either Bush?


Kid said...

Derek, I absolutely agree with the trained sniper in the storm drain firing from the front as someone, Ok Oswald, fired from the back.

I say the communists did it to put LBJ in power. Biggest communist POS we've ever had.

And yea, Jack Ruby is going to kill Oswald, then commit suicide? Puleease

And warren commission bullets doing 2 180 degree changes in direction? It's proven that bullets that ricochet at angles more than 45 degrees lose 90% of their force.

Marilyn Monroe was doing everyone. No one if going to kill JFK for it.

The Mob doesn't kill people who are going away in 4 or 8 years. They simply don't so it, they wait them out.

That argument could be used against my commie belief too, but I think they took the op to put LBJ in there, knowing the democrats would never pursue the assassination all the way to Moscow, especially right after the Cuba Missile 'crisis'.

Dems are whores and stupid pussies. They were all wringing their hands over Reagan staring them down.

Then they killed RFK to make sure no one re-opened the case and tracked it back to the Russians.

Ted kennedy probably called them and said "Good God (hic), you don't have to worry about (hic) me!
In fact, I'll work for ya in the Senate! Just tell me what ya wanna do! (hic)