December 8, 2013

A Sad Day

It was a sad day, the day this country honored the death of a murderous communist by lowering it's flags.

Nelson Mandela and his wife, Winnie, should also be remembered for necklacing - the practice of murdering political opponents by putting a used tire around their necks, filling it with gasoline and setting the hapless opponent on fire. Mandela was no George Washington.

This is the work of Obama's hero, the left's object of adoration.

Nelson Mandela's Custom Designed Jewelry

The above photo shows the remains of a South African woman whose only sin was sleeping with a white policeman.


Opus #6 said...

Communists are godless. For the godless, murder is apparently no big deal.

I hope people who do these such acts earn their just reward.

Michael Silvius said...

A superb writeup that spells it out properly.

Doom said...

I have spoken it on other blogs. I will not do anything but have great joy when a terrorist dies. There is no such thing as reform for such. Ever.

Personally, I hope if the shats who now rule S.A. decide to do what they said they would, that they are thrown out and apartheid is reintroduced. Sadly, I think too many of the right ones have gone missing and it will be a typical genocide.

The difference between white and black tyranny should be painfully obvious. Or... will be again. And, you know what the U.N. will do, right? Support it while mouthing otherwise.

Mamahen said...
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Mamahen said...

Very Sad indeed!

Mamma Bear said...

Our flag is flying as high as we could get it on the flag pole! Can't believe some stupid Americans and I use Americans loosely.

Lady Locust said...

I so agree!