December 13, 2013

Why The World Is A More Dangerous Place

The American Thinker has an article on the decline and fall of American military might that includes this:
In addition to the meat-ax approach to America's naval, air, and ground forces required by the Sequester (which originated in the White House), the Obama Administration is reducing the Pentagon's budget by hundreds of billions of dollars. Obama is also slicing the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Once all the military budget cuts are in place, the United States will have the fewest naval vessels at sea since before World War I, the smallest Air Force ever, and an Army and Marine Corps with severely diminished capacity. The nation will have only 300 or so nuclear weapons. The hollow military which we heard so much about during the Carter years will be back.
Instead, we spend trillions on soft social spending to reward generations of the sick, lame and lazy. There are billions to give to illegal aliens, AKA "criminals'" so they can attend our universities and obtain free medical care. There are more billions to give to rogue Muslim states who celebrate the deaths of our people. And of course there are hundreds of millions to give to our imposter president;s vacations to keep his wife amused. Every time this POS steps out of the White House it costs us another $10 mill.

It used to be that a robust US military enforced a Pax Americana. Now our ambassadors are murdered with impunity, administration officials refuse to testify regarding incompetence and malfeasance and the forces used to protect American interests abroad are reduced through sequester cuts just approved by the Republican controlled Congress.

The Angry White Dude has started filing his divorce papers form the Republican Party. I will not follow suit for one reason, and one reason only. When the Republican fund raisers call me for a donation I want the opportunity to tell then to go f*** off.

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He wishes to help his Mooselimb brothers.