December 18, 2013

Double Ought Pumpkin Shells

You can't make this stuff up.

Pre-stuffed turkeys?

Just think, if you gut shoot a turkey and it doesn't die, it may have a squash or eggplant growing out it's ass in a few weeks.

More here.

H/T Real Revo


Anam Cara said...

Hoping this becomes the Christmas toy of the year next year. ....and wondering how teachers and schools will respond. (Scroll down. It's available now!)

sig94 said...

Anam - I so want one! These have been our for some time in one form or another but this is the cheapest I have seen. Just wondering how to explain this to my wife if it shows up under the tree...

Doom said...

Hmm, I could still take out a squad with it. Good shots, quick action, a little luck, used as a club when dry. So... it's sokay by me. Plus, when you hide the enemy bodies, you will be able to find them later if need be... just look for the patches of whatever seed you shot!

Loverly. I'm bad. Sorry. I get carried away.

Sig, I have gone private. If you want to stop in, you will need an invite. For an invite, I will need an email address, google account could make it permanent, others would be temp (1 month). doomdforev a gmail d com, if you wish.

sig94 said...

Doom - is used properly these shot shells will provide their own fertilizer, no?

Doom said...