January 12, 2014

Iraqi Immigrant Expresses His Gratitude

A disabled vet gets a cab ride from a north Iraqi Kurd. Read the story here.
I am constantly amazed at the circumstances that evolve in life, and events that transpire, such as my cab ride tonight.
1:08 AM - 9 Jan 2014

My cab driver spoke broken English, like most I've had around the country. After figuring out my hotel address, we were on our way.
1:11 AM - 9 Jan 2014

My conversation with my cab driver hit all the usual points. How cold it is in the Midwest, changes in weather, and the Texas summer heat.
1:13 AM - 9 Jan 2014

Eventually my cabdriver asked about my missing arm. I told him I lost it in Iraq. He asked which city, and how I lost it. I said Baghdad.
1:15 AM - 9 Jan 2014

I told him I was blown up by an Iranian weapons expert, using an Iranian shape charge. He stopped talking after that.
1:16 AM - 9 Jan 2014

After a couple minutes of silence, I asked him if he would mind telling me where he was from. He choked out the words, "I'm a Kurd."
1:19 AM - 9 Jan 2014


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