January 14, 2014

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

There is possible evidence that Supreme Court Justice Roberts is being blackmailed by the Democrats.
[...]There is very good reason to believe that regardless of the media’s skillful smothering of the story, John Roberts is being blackmailed to make certain Obamacare never falls in a Supreme Court case. The basis of this charge surrounds the fact that a series of strange (and probably felonious) acts are attached to the adoption of his two children.

In 2005, when they thought they were doing the Democrats’ bidding, the New York Times dug into apparently easily accessible records and found that the children Roberts and his wife adopted in “South America” started life as Irish citizens. This is a red flag. The laws of Ireland regarding adoptions are very clear: adoptions by non-citizens are prohibited, as are private adoptions.

Apparently, when the Democrats realized they could control a Supreme Court Justice’s vote through blackmail over his having committed a number of international crimes, the Times pulled back and dropped its investigation.
If true, this is very disturbing. It must be brought out into the open as soon as possible.


Doom said...

I suspected as much, if I wasn't sure of the issue. My guess is NSA has buggered a lot of issues, directly or just through loose lips from polemics within their ranks. Congressmen, Senators, CEO's, and even little guys.

I am even guessing the last two popes have had... information used to get them out or in, as the case may be. Very possibly over their behaviors, active or past, and the issue of "gay marriage", abortion, or some other things. The last one wouldn't fold but also couldn't hold out, so quit. Was replaced by one who would comply, possibly was already known to be "on-board".

Yeah, it's... bad out there.

jay son said...

agree with doom, figured it had something to do with kids, but more along the lines of possibly procuring them for a late king of pop.

never made sense to me how the administration claimed they were NOT imposing a tax, but rather a penalty for not buying health insurance, and roberts said no it's a tax, your in the clear, begin sodomizing Americans immediately.

just knew they had something hanging over his head.

Kid said...