July 28, 2014


Cats are jerks.


Doom said...

That isn't how you test cats. Cats aren't herd animals. How do you test cats? Well, it's not really safe. For example, if you mock attacked me in my home? As fearful and small as they are, my cats would rip, or try to rip, your face off.

Cats, in some ways, are more mature. They aren't as dependent, even on food. Dogs and babies fit, but I think to do it right, you would have to lump cats with teens, and do tests that would be comparable. And teens just... aren't all that into you, but do have strong links if tested, pushed.

I think that "researcher" probably knew that, just either doesn't like cats or is a typical research fob. And he is foreign to boot. Can't speak English, pedigrees are only good for animals and royalty, but I repeat myself.

sig94 said...

Doom - Some cats indeed are extremely affectionate. They should have tested my daughter's cat. But the cat has no use for anyone other than my daughter.