July 11, 2014

For Every Seat, There's An Ass

Charles Manson (aged 79)  is going to be married to a 26 yr. old psycho.
She is from Illinois so perhaps it does make sense, especially since Manson is a loon magnet.
Story here.


Euripides said...

That is just plain creepy.

And why is that man still alive? Oh, that's right, it's much more "humane" to leave a sociopathic killer alive for 40 years in prison than to execute him.

Kid said...

You can point to anything in the Sears catalog and someone somewhere wants to sleep with it. - Sgt Wojohowitz, Barney Miller

sig94 said...

Euripides - Can't you see the 40 years of suffering etched upon his face as he contemplates all those murders?

sig94 said...

Kid - that is one show that I still miss.