July 7, 2014


Fasting during the Muslim holy season can lead to Irritable Islam Syndrome. The Ramadan fast lasts from Dawn til Dusk at which time you can fill your face all night long with Allah-Approved® binge eating and good old fashioned ultra-violence.

From Breitbart London:
The Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us. Most people know the month-long fast is a time Muslims are expected to demonstrate self-control, humility and submission to the will to Allah. What you might not know is that throughout Ramadan emergency services are overwhelmed by a spike in crime—a phenomenon known as “Ramadan rage,” which affects not just Muslim countries, but cities with high concentrations of believers, from Dearborn to Deptford.

The effects of this gruelling annual fast have been widely studied. Researchers say those taking part risk migraines, dehydration, dizziness, tachycardia, nausea, circulatory collapse... and even gout, owing to a build-up of uric acid. Indigestion caused by binge eating is also a concern—as is weight gain: Muslims often pile on the pounds during the summer months.

But aside from these medical risks, and more pertinent to the emergency services and law and order, is the primary side effect of not eating, drinking or smoking in the daytime: irritability that can spill over into violence.
And if you don't feed the beast it just gets better.
One of the most expansive studies of this annual crime wave in Algeria revealed petty crime increased by a staggering 220 percent during Ramadan. Fights, disputes and assaults rose by 320 percent and instances of women and children being beaten at home increased by 120 percent. In addition, there was a 410 percent increase in accidents of various kinds and an 80 percent increase in deaths.

The findings of the Algerian study are widely corroborated. From Egypt to Indonesia, recorded violent crime increases by incredible percentages throughout the fast. In addition, Ramadan exacerbates other social problems and spawns specific crimes all its own: offenses not generally seen at other times of the year. Child traffickers in Yemen, for example, take advantage of the increase in food prices to purchase children from poor parents.
There are other rules to Ramadan which can be found here


LL said...

RamaRage can be controlled with JHAWG Ammo.

Put some ham in Mohammed -- peace through bacon.

LL said...

Is there anything fundamentally WRONG with doing 72 virgins a favor?

underground pewster said...

A bowl of Raman noodles at dawn would solve a whole lot of trouble, just call it Ramandawn.

Doom said...

By their fruits shall you know them. Oh, and my guess? Familial brutality rises much higher, it simply is far less reported than even usual because, you know, allah says.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Let them eat cake.

Kid said...

What beautiful Diversity. Coexist, etc.