October 4, 2014

CDC - Do You Believe Them?

The CDC recently released the above chart that allegedly shows just how contagious Ebola really is.

The problem is, do you trust the CDC?

Every government agency has become politicized by the Obama administration. First there was no danger of Ebola coming to the US (right from Obama's mouth); now there's at least 100 people exposed to the disease and an entire family under armed guard for violating quarantine orders.

I haven't seen a single instance of anyone under armed quarantine because they were exposed to Hepatitis C, have you?


Fredd said...

George Orwell could not have picked a better president for us.

This guy and his administration's doublespeak are truly magnificent in their scope on the hogwash scale.

And no, I don't believe anything that is put out by the administration, nothing at all.

Unfortunately, about 50.00000001% of my fellow Americans who vote eat this stuff up, hook line and sinker.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, and I trust the WHO, too! lol

Kid said...

I don't trust the entire government to open a bag of potato chips.

Though there are some good individuals, (I now of one at the Pentagon) it doesn't seem to matter just like good non-violent Germans were irrelevant during WWII.

sig94 said...

Wait until people start dying from this disease; then we'll see just how much trust people have.

Doom said...

It was meant to come here. It will, most likely, do the same thing here, to the same type of folk it is ravishing there... it will destroy the underclass. You, I, ours, and us, will back away and hide if need be. We can, and know how, and will defend our redoubts. Those who can't or won't will become dead.

It was, probably, an invented disease. I honestly believe that. It is doing what it was intended. I think they had hoped to take more people with it. Due to... circumstances and weak nerves, they had to let it go early, before they could make it much more infectious, because the risk of a cure was becoming too possible.

This is science and medicine, what they believe, and what they mean to do, in a post modern world. When you take God out of the equations, only death and doom and fear and rash behavior remains. Without hope there is only death. And not good deaths. So they set out to murder the world to "save the planet", or "relieve the suffering", or whatever any one particular among them sells himself in order to burn his soul. It isn't lunatics we should have feared, but the Godless who have become the elites.