February 7, 2015

Who Cares

Two lesbians split up and it's front page news. Why is this?

Because our culture is deep in the shitter.


WoFat said...

Brief.To the point. Correct.

LL said...

Rosie O'Donnel is only famous for being a fat lesbian, and there should only be shame on both accounts.

Fredd said...

LL: you are leaving out a few other character flaws of Rosie's that should garner immense shame:

* She is an unabashed liberal, as intolerant of other views as can be, and accordingly worthy of great shame, if you ask me.

* She is a raging hypocrite about her opposition to gun rights and gun ownership: she demands that we all give up our guns, while surrounding herself and her family with armed guards. A filthy, stinkin' hypocrite in this regard, and worthy of enormous shame.

But of course I know you to be brief and to the point, and probably assumed that we all know what kind of POS she is.

Doom said...

Add a point. She can't leave a wife because she never had one. You can put lipstick on a hog, but that doesn't make it beautiful. Uhrm, no pun intended, if completely by accident. I mean, I would have intended it if I had been more on the ball. Then again, it was... never mind.

The "news" is meant to cover anything but what an abysmal failure Zero and company are, the horrors of the world, and to cause people not to want to read potential news. Part of the socialist schtick.

Kid said...

The news is obsessed with the loser class. This is what happens when the democrats have given the losers an inch a day, they take a mile a day. Now the only thing worth hearing about are lgbt people. homos on every sitcom and most everywhere else. The government is also extremely over-represented by homos. It's way out of balance. If homos think they're being abused somehow, F em. They need to suck it up. I, nor anyone I know was born with a Bentley waiting in the garage. I and We don't owe anyone shit.

In fairness though, rosie is large enough to have gravitational force so it's worthwhile keeping an eye on her lest she attract asteroids here.

Always On Watch said...

Accurate final sentence.