February 5, 2015

Ain't Misremembering No Mo'

NBC News Anchor and dementia sufferer Brian Williams has been miraculously cured of his "Misremembering Malady" wherein he was shot down in a helicopter over Iraq and heroically killed in action back in 2003.

He also misremembered that he was posthumously awarded four Bronze Stars, three Purple Hearts, two Croix de Guerre, the Order of Lenin, a toaster oven and a year's subscription to National Geographic's "Stringy Boobs of Central Africa."
Veterans in all branches of the military who have sacrificed to keep America safe are livid at NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who was forced to admit this week that he had, for 12 years, lied about taking fire in a helicopter over Iraq. Below, responses from career veterans who condemn his use of a false story to elevate his resume for more than a decade:

From a Viet Nam assault helicopter pilot and distinguished Navy Captain:

“He got one thing right; he’s no war correspondent.”

From an highly respected combat Marine Officer and intellectual thinker who was on the ground during the war:

“Brian Williams is a man of little integrity. His eventual apology – “I would not have chosen to make this mistake” – is a complete evasion of responsibility. He did choose to make that mistake. And by “mistake” he means a “deliberate lie.” If he respected his position he would resign. But he won’t. Instead he will continue to march in the ranks of like-minded elites who lie and falsify without compunction, and when caught believe a non-contrite apology is sufficient to make amends. It’s not.”
Williams also misremembered his participation in some other historic events.

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Doom said...

Even when it is made absolutely clear that these elitists lie, it doesn't affect their careers. Much as Dems who can be proven thieves, liars, even pedophiles, and they get reelected. Of course, if they commit a secular sin, among their own, by telling a real truth about politics or such, then their careers would be destroyed.

Regardless of how they appear, they are all orcs, devils, witches, and the like. Monstrous people. To think they are running the media, politics, bureaucracy, and many other things. It is spooky.

deborah harvey said...

they are probably not running the show except in a surface manner. their strings are being pulled but they like it that way.
they don't care about the strings as long as there is $$$ attached.
i often wonder where they think they will live when the country is finally sucked down the drain and entirely into the sewer.
suppose they've all bought remote islands on which to live the life of riley while rome burns.
deb h.

LL said...

I'm sure that Williams' career was only enhanced by the lie. He works for NBC, where they have a hard time EVER telling the truth.

Fredd said...

I'm not convinced that Lyin' Brian's career is over. To the contrary, liberal scumbags seem to rise in the ranks once their lyin' ways are revealed:

Al Sharpton - anyone besides me remember Tawana Brawley? Now look at the guy...he sits at the right elbow of the President of the United States on a regular basis.

Hillary Clinton: running and dodging bullets in Kosovo, anybody besides me remember that? Now she is a slam dunk to be the presumptive Dem nominee for President of the United States.

Dan Rather. Anyone besides me remember him fabricating,....uh, er, wait...he was flushed. Back space, delete.

But you get my point: two out of three public figures had their resume's enhanced after their lies were trumpeted for the nation to see.

I see Brian Williams getting promoted to CEO of NBC, if things work out like they usually do on the left.