March 10, 2015

ATF Backs Off

From Fox News:
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is shelving a proposal to ban a popular but highly lethal type of bullet, amid opposition from gun-rights advocates and hundreds of members of Congress.

The agency said in a statement on Tuesday it would not seek to issue the final guidelines "at this time." The proposal pertained to M855 "green tip" ammunition, used in the AR-15 rifle, which regulators looked at banning because it can pierce police body armor.

The ATF said it would instead wait until Americans have finished commenting on the federal regulations and evaluate their comments and suggestions before "proceeding with any framework."
Still, Fox News made an idiot comment.
Basically all bullets are "highly lethal."
That's why they make bullets instead of marshmallows dummy.

1 comment:

Doom said...

Did they happen to mention that stairs, ladders, all molecules (including h2o) at some dose, automobiles, knives, rocks, trees, and harsh words have lead to death? I am not putting much faith even in Fox these days. They have been corrupted by politics and are "splitting the difference" for political reasons. We don't have free press. Obviously.

About the attempted murder... the only difference between it and the other blacks who have been shot lately is that the cop got the drop. Same same otherwise. Which is why I have been strongly cheering those black deaths. Saves someone else from having to do it, or simply die. I hope he pulls through, and remembers what he and the rest of us face when race cowards and clowns have their way. Not funny.