March 13, 2015

Fair And Balanced

Fair and Balanced and Heavily Medicated. That's me.
Not all Muslims are haters.
It's just so hard to develop munitions that only kill the maniacs.

Given the radical Islamic insurgence in their country, it would seem that the Iraqi Muslims in this video are literally taking their lives into their hands by speaking out about the plight of Christians in Iraq.

My Army daughter had an Iraqi Christian friend while she was studying in Cairo. We never met Susan (that's what she wanted to be called) but from my daughter's stories, she is a very sweet young woman.

Her friend's parents packed up the family and left Iraq after Saddam Hussein's regime fell due to fear of radical Islam. Many, many Christians have left Iraq. Susan's family now lives in Chicago, they are still friends. It is for these Christians that the TV personalities weep.

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