April 30, 2015


The Sheriff of Wicomico County, MD, made the two hour drive to Baltimore with his deputies and an armored vehicle (MRAP) to assist the Baltimore cops during the riots. What he found out when he got there is disturbing.
“I hadn’t planned to go to Baltimore at all. I watched the events unfold Saturday night like we all did, and was very concerned about what I saw, and the the lack of response Saturday night,” he said. “I immediately rallied up the troops. We made sure our MRAP was prepared and ready. … We were assigned to assigned to protect Baltimore City Police headquarters, all of E. Fayette Street up to City Hall, to include City Hall. There wasn’t a whole lot of activity taking place at all. We could smell that putrid smell of burning tires and a city on fire when as we came into the city.

[...]“I was sick to my stomach like everybody else. … This was urban warfare, no question about it. They were coming in absolutely beaten down. The [city officers] got out of their vehicles, thanked us profusely for being there, apologized to us for having to be there. They said we could have handled this, we were very capable of handling this, but we were told to stand down, repeatedly told to stand down,” he said. “I had never heard that order come from anyone — we went right out to our posts as soon as we got there, so I never heard the mayor say that. But repeatedly these guys, and there were many high-ranking officials from the Baltimore City Police Department … and these guys told me they were essentially neutered from the start. They were spayed from the start. They were told to stand down, you will not take any action, let them destroy property.
Story here.

These decisions were made in the Mayor's Office. She is back pedaling now but the responsibility for the massive amount of property destruction is hers. 


Kid said...

Reminds me of the governorette babette blanco of Louisiana during Katrina keeping Natl Guard OUT for 3 days.

You think this stuff might be Marching Orders from 'above' Sig? I sure do.

sig94 said...

Kid - Dems, they're all useless, everyone of them. By the time they confab with their political buddies and try to measure all the pros and cons half the city is gone.

LL said...

Sharpton is there now, advising Her Honor, the Mayor. He's Barack's cat's paw.