May 29, 2015

And Now the Weather - OH GOD WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

Anuses of the gods? Nope. Lenticular clouds.

Weathermen love to mix it up. You can hear the delight in their voices as they warn us of impending doom from a thunderstorm, blizzard, flood, school crossing or approaching parade. And then nothing happens until the next weather cycle where civilization as we know it is yet again in dire peril.
[...]No doubt national news media outlets are out of control when it comes to weather coverage, and their idiotic claims find their way to us on a daily basis.

The Houston flooding is a great example. We are being told this is “unprecedented”… Houston is “under water”… and it is due to manmade global warming.

Yes, the flooding in Houston yesterday was severe, and a serious threat to life and property. A genuine weather disaster that has brought on suffering.

But, no, this was not “unprecedented”. Flooding from Tropical Storm Allison in 2001 was more widespread, and flood waters were deeper. There is no comparison.

[...]On the other issue, the entire climate change situation has become politicized, which I hate. Those on the right, and those on the left hang out in “echo chambers”, listening to those with similar world views refusing to believe anything else could be true.

Everyone knows the climate is changing; it always has, and always will. I do not know of a single “climate denier”. I am still waiting to meet one.

The debate involves the anthropogenic impact, and this is not why I am writing this piece. Let’s just say the Houston flood this week is weather, and not climate, and leave it at that.


Kid said...

For about the 10th year in row they are saying "THIS WILL BE THE WORST HURRICANE SEASON EVER !!!!"

It has been very subdued each and every year. Even the hurricane that caused new york and new jersey those problems was a category 1.. just hit in a rare spot.
And I think obama and christie are still working on 'expediting' repairs... Have they actually had Any affect what so ever? I say no.

I mean, how many times do you have to be fooled before even stupid libtards get tired of the BS.

sig94 said...

Kid - that's just it. They never get tired. They're addicted to BS.