June 28, 2015

And We're Done

The second escapee from Dannemora has been captured. 

From the NY Post:
Fugitive prisoner David Sweat was shot and wounded during a confrontation with cops searching for him near the Canadian border, law-enforcement sources told The Post late Sunday afternoon.

Sweat, 35, was spotted in Constable, N.Y., by a state police sergeant who tried to talk to him before the bullets started flying, one source said.

Sweat was shot twice before being taken into custody, according to CNN, which obtained a phot​o​ of him bloodied and sitting on the ground, apparently handcuffed and being held by two ​troopers wearing disposable gloves.


LL said...

Those cops who didn't manage to shoot straight enough need to be sent back to the range for remedial training.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm with LL. Or how about one more bullet when they got closer.

sig94 said...

The Border Patrol cops shot the other one three times in the head. I was hoping they set the default surrender terms for these murderers.