June 30, 2015

More Idiots In Action

I really shouldn't read the news any more.

NYC's idiot mayor has just endangered seniors and children and a bunch of other people.From the Daily News:
In front of emotional supporters, Mayor de Blasio signed legislation Monday that will prohibit employers from inquiring about a candidate's criminal record prior to a job offer.

"Today I see hope for people like me," said Marilyn Scales, 52, of the Bronx, who said she never has had a full-time job because of her record for dealing heroin.
This woman sold poison to people. She shouldn't be allowed to have a paper route. In many other countries she'd be in jail for life or rotting in an unmarked grave. Now she's pissing and moaning because she can't get a full time job - like millions of other people who didn't sell heroin.

While NYS law does prohibit asking for an arrest history, it does allow criminal history (convictions) to be viewed, particularly for  businesses such as child day care centers (N.Y. Executive Law 845-B) and other professions where a criminal conviction is enough to remove you from employment considerations.

Perhaps NYC is still allowing these, but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. I hope it can only apply to city-licensed businesses. Can you imagine hiring a convicted rapist to work at a long term rehab center? Or a convicted felon - a thief -  to work at a jewelry store? Or how about Marilyn Scales working in a pharmaceutical warehouse?

These people have lost their minds. No one is responsible for their actions any more. No one need fear any consequences of wrong doing. God forbid anyone should suffer a disadvantage because they're a screw up.


Kid said...

This will all wind back in on itself until one day a hamburger flipper making $30 an hour accidentally flips a burger down the blouse of a transgender former black male scalding his fake boobs which causes a riot among a crowd of 100% libtards all yelling Conservative Racist Homophobe Bastard and they all kill each other with illegal combs that have 5 inch pointed handles on them. Fortunately for us they'll all be taking iPhone video so we can watch before, during, and after the mass funerals and laugh hysterically.

sig94 said...

Kid - better write the screenplay for that before you forget it.