June 3, 2015

Good Luck Giving These Guys A Rifle

Last month the Baltic Nation of Lithuania passed a national draft law forcing eligible males to serve in the military. Some Lithuanian males were highly upset over the insistence that they serve their country (especially when aggressive Russian forces are growling around their borders). Some dippy photographer decided to take pictures of weeping Lithuanian wimps in military dress and record their pissing and moaning to show just how upset these pretend men are.

Think of it, would you want sissy boys like this to defend your country?

This brings to mind JFK's speech where he said, "... ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."



Kid said...

Put some itchy powder in their panties and they might just fight Sig

Doom said...

Yeah, Kennedy was a loudmouthed socialist, who stole a proper quote, and as is typical with socialists, screwed the pooch on it. He also suggested he was a donut, to the German people. Durgged out idiot.

As to the criers and bedwetters? Everyone needs a front line. It'll fail, but as they are being picked off, it would slow the Russians... perhaps enough to evac the civilians behind the real .mil to a place of saftey, or at least signal the seriousness of intent for other nations. Further, one of the most decorated men and one of the mostly highly decorated men, were both pacifists, in WWI and II... Look up York and Doss. If you can't shoot, or straight, then do what you can do. But you might be surprised what a little motivation can do, either way. But it isn't for your nation, it's best to do it against a bad actor, for your brother, for the good. After all, it was socialist nationalism they were fighting, not the other way around.

Kennedy? All of them... good riddance. Let God sort those out. Unlike the church, He can't be bought.

Fredd said...

These girly men remind me of the 'before' photos of PFC Bradley Manning.