June 1, 2015

Move To Federalize Local Police?

An observation from a police forum on LinkedIn.
Today, media reported that so far 25 cities police departments have gone under the department of Justice tight supervision. Teams of DOJ attorneys take over reviewing the daily routine operations. And investigate any shootings, fatalities, injuries or wrongdoing by the police officers.

Of course if any police department is violating their S.O.P. They need more additional training on the job. But excuse for nationalizing US police departments is another story and should be investigated by the US congress.

Administration’s speeches and verbal attacks on police forces in the past six months has reduced the number of arrests by police officers in the major cities 50%.

Fear of punishment and law suits by the civilians and authorities has had a very negative effect on their morale. Also, 54 more police officers have been killed this year compared to last year.


Kid said...

Where the ^%*&%$^&^^ is our "Republican Majority" ???

LL said...

Any major horror will have to wait for the Cinton II. Meanwhile, Barack is just screwing with the right.

sig94 said...

Kid - Good question. They're where they always are; in bed with the liberal dems.

sig94 said...

LL - scar thought. If the Repubs don't get their heads out of their asses it'll happen.