July 6, 2015

Game On

Bring it.
It's the moment we've all been waiting for: two giant fighting robots - one Japanese and one American - will square off in a melee one year from now.

That is, if the robots' two owners keep their word.

Last week, MegaBots, an American engineering company, challenged Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a duel.

In this corner - six tons of 'Murica

The battle would pitch the 12,000 lbs (850-stone) MegaBots Mark II against Suidobashi's Kuratas, which weighs 9,000 lbs.

Now, Suidobashi has responded, saying it accepts the challenge - on one condition.
And in this corner - 4.5 tons of Kuratas-san
The Japanese don't want the American robot to be armed, they want a hand-to-hand combat match - no guns. Wusses.



LL said...

No guns? What fun is that?

Flame throwers?

Fredd said...

"Dead or alive, you're coming with me."

I would pay a dollar to see this little tilt.

sig94 said...

Really - this should be conducted in a semi-arid wilderness Max Max scenario - fight to the death - no holds barred - fists, feet, teeth, knives, axes, guns - only one leaves the arena alive.