July 11, 2015

Thugg Cuomo Backs Off AmmoScam

It didn't work with the so called NY State Police "Gun DNA" program and it ain't gonna work any better with background checks of sales of pistol and rifle ammunition. All it will do is create a highly lucrative black market in NYS for felons to obtain pistol ammo.

New York's highest elected Thugg just got shot down by state Republicans.
ALBANY – Gov. Cuomo is backing off a key element of his much-heralded gun-control law of 2013, the NY SAFE Act.
In a major concession to Senate Republicans and new Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan (photo), the Cuomo administration has agreed to suspend development of a troubled statewide database of ammunition sales. The agreement also gives Flanagan a veto over the database’s future development.

“This is a clear victory for Second Amendment rights in New York,” said Sen. James Seward (R-Oneonta). The NRA, in a statement, also applauded the moveas a way “to restore a degree of sanity after the SAFE Act’s over-the-top demonization of lawful New York gun owners.”

Conceived as a way to track ammunition sales and provide for background checks of purchasers, the database has been a technical headache.
Idiots in NYS have tried a variety of gun control measures that do not work. In 1999  under Gov. Patacki, NYS initiated the CoBIS program which required firearm manufacturers to fire a test round through every handgun sold to NYS dealers and send the casing to the NY State Police lab. Tens of millions were spent in this ill-conceived, ill-advised program which did not save a single life or prevent a single crime. The program was budgeted at $4 million/year and it ran for eleven years.

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