August 14, 2015

Feet Down, Seat Belt On, Please!

Both the occupants lived, but the young woman in the passenger eat will never be the same.
Story here.

Automotive safety features are designed to protect the occupants when they are in an upright position with the seat belts engaged.

A car is not your living room. Please advise your young friends and family to keep this in mind: at sixty miles an hour (88 fps) you are nothing but a delicious soft, squishy projectile surrounded by a thin, crunchy sheet metal shell.



Doom said...

If you try to do everything exactly the way the experts want? First? That only works some percentage of the time. Basically, to some extent, it doesn't matter. For the most part, what she was doing wasn't too awfully bad, assuming the driver was competent. I wonder who was at fault, what the situation was. For all we honestly know, if she had been belted, she would be dead. To be honest, even if they knew that, they wouldn't tell us. Just like they know vaccines are just as often not helpful, or even safe, compared to the options. But they are fighting tooth and nail to force us to take those things. And to belt up.

Even if they were 100% accurate? Still, wouldn't matter. If you want to be locked into a purely safe life, coddled and protected, controlled, and subjected to safety, you go live that life. That guilt trip about her mother having to work longer is just that. Shit simply happens. I know, as you get older, you tend to get more freaky on some things. Though I bet every dime I could scrape together, even just 1:5 odds, you did not live a safe life. :) I know I didn't. Still don't. If I have moderated my wild just a bit.

Kid said...

I hate seatbelts and don't use them. I use accident avoidance as an alternate strategy. This accident looks like many I see routinely on my 8 mile freeway drive to work. The result of some kid, usually female staring at their phone instead of the road.
Seat belts can cause serious internal injury.

Did you see the story of the school bus lost its brakes and slammed into a building? No seat belts, no life threatening injuries. Depending on where you live, you're likely to see motorcyclists not wearing helmets legally. Seat belt laws are revenue based.

Kid said...

Looking at the car, I guessed slamming into the back of a semi trailer. Now I've read the story.
Yea, airbags can cause problems. Airbags on the drivers side popping out the steering wheel can cause problems for people driving 10-2. lately, it seems 99 out of 100 people I pass drive 10-2. I haven't driven 10-2 since I was in Drivers Ed in high school.
Bottom line - If you slam into the back of anything it is your fault and the result of very poor driving skills. You are going to pay the piper someday if that's who you are.

Doom said...


What is "pass drive 10-2"? Two hands on the wheel? I don't do that. I do wear seat belts, though in heavy traffic I should remember to remove it. And near bodies of water. It actually did help me once. I only had it on, actually, back then, because I had just driven off a .mil base, and they required buckling back then before the feds went Nazi. Still, there are times where belts, or anything else, is preferred, better. Thing is, can't trust researchers these days. They are outright lying on medical research... I'm talking surgical procedures, medicine, things like that. Science, and even on into med-science, has gone criminally insane.

Probably better to go with common sense and your gut than anything pushed by whoever was paid to find whatever results.

Kid said...

Doom, left hand at the 10 O'clock position and right at the 2 O'clock. To me anyway, Amazing how many people are doing that these days.

And Yes, I removed the "health" section from my news page Long ago. 99% bullshit, 1% propaganda. Or maybe the other way around.

Kid said...

PS, The guy behind the car is almost as big as that entire car. If you're in the market for a car, you might want to get one bigger than a hobbit.