September 23, 2015

Oh, To Be A Fly On The Wall

Lucianne's face page for today will give Hillary another stroke.   

Exclusive: Hillary Aides Talked Benghazi with Clinton Foundation Staff, Withheld Emails
If this doesn't do it, what will?

Report: FBI Finds Hillary Clinton´s Deleted Emails on Her Server
"You mean like with a cloth or something?"

Hillary is dealing with mounting health issues, new book claims
Real or imagined, the perfect out presents itself.

Clinton Foundation on Charity Navigator’s ‘watch list’
Watchdog organization warns potential check writers to think twice before donating.

Seriously, this is now a train wreck reality show, "Keeping Up With The Clintons."


Kid said...

Regards the hildebeast...

Yes, I would like God to take her and put her where she belongs. Sooner than later meaning pre-November-2016.

That can't be Heaven because no one already there or scheduled to be there in the future would want this piece of garbage to be there with them.

Fredd said...

I wonder if Rikers Island issues orange pant suits. Hillary may actually look good in them. Or, at least I think she would look good in them.