September 26, 2015


Not for nothin' but this guy's voice is like a cat screaming while getting assaulted by a kerosene-soaked corncob.


Doom said...

Yeah, and Lemmy's voice is that, soaked in whiskey for forty years. AC/DC was the first metal group I heard, Motorhead was the first heavy metal group. Before that nothing but C&W. Not even sure how I could have crossed over. Ah, I was 16 when I heard AC/DC, in the Navy when I first heard Lemmy (the album linked). That would be it. Had to hide my music from my father and mother. Though I know my mother, at least, knew. She was always searching my room for... contraband. That woman had a BIG nose! :)

LL said...

It would be interesting if they "lighted" the kerosene-soaked corncob... just saying.

Doom said...

Given enough time, they usually do that themselves, LL. Not that we always hear about it, but my guess is what they do to themselves is worse than anything society would implement. Some of us could 'do better', though I for one would have to have very good cause. Just... thinking. *smile*