October 17, 2015

Astronomers Gone Wild

Sensing government dollars, a university scientist slithers towards a grant.

These are the voyages of the University Grant-Seeking Astronomers. Their five-year mission: to explore strange new funding opportunities; to seek out a new government teat to suck on; to boldly go where no taxpayer-supported parasite has gone before."

From Yahoo News:

The award for strangest star in the universe just went to KIC 8462852.

And while some are saying that this star could be harboring a giant structure built by an advanced alien civilization, the scientists behind the hype are saying otherwise.

Business Insider recently spoke with two of these astronomers to find out what's really going on and if this structure really is proof of alien intelligence or a complete hoax.

For some background: A postdoctoral graduate at Yale, Tabby Boyajian, and Penn State astronomer Jason Wright, recently discovered a bizarre and mysteriously giant structure orbiting the star that's unlike anything they've ever seen.

And now they're doing what scientists do best: weighing all of the possible explanations until more data comes in that can rule out the wrong reasons in favor of the right one.

Right now, there are many options on the table, including a giant swarm of comets, left-over chunks from a broken-up planet, and last but certainly not least an alien-built megastructure. But we won't know for sure until more data is collected.
Used to be, professional scientists would be too embarrassed to come out with crap like this; but ever since the climate change scam was perpetrated on the US taxpayer, nothing is over the top anymore.

Scientists, like politicians, realize that the American public is too damn stupid; like a five dollar whore, they'll swallow anything.

To be honest, one of the scientists said that the probability that an alien culture was responsible for this anomaly is very low, but he still said it was a possibility.
"Aliens should always be the very last hypothesis you consider, but this looked like something you would expect an alien civilization to build."
How the hell would he know what an alien society would build?


Doom said...

I am, to a degree, disagreeing about Americans being stupid. Many of us quite well know this is all a scam. Two things, to start, though. First, we don't have a government that even listens to us. They are all bought out and sold us out on the way. There isn't a political solution, but revolt seems a bit out of most of our hads as well. We don't have allies with power, only numbers, and that just doesn't seem to matter. This last generation has truly been dumbed down to the point of being infant like. And the other generations are definitely addicted to this and that... cellphones, texting, porn, drugs, booze. I just don't know. We are all in serious trouble, even if we toss these idiots out on their ears.

Kid said...

Sig, exactly, Money.

To come to a 'likely' conclusion that it's an alien mega structure is the least of all the possibles.
Huge asteroid belt is my guess.

Kid said...

Doom. Yep.